New Logo and Website for OCES in Celebration of their 50th Year

OCES, the largest provider of in-home and community-based services for older adults and people living with disabilities in Plymouth County and surrounding areas in Massachusetts, is Celebrating 50 Years of Care and Collaboration in 2024.

In anticipation of their 50th anniversary, OCES would like to remind the community of its vision, mission and core values which reflect their growth, expertise and ongoing dedication to the staff, people, and communities they serve.

Nicole Long, CEO, shared the agency’s vision, “OCES aspires to be a culturally diverse and inclusive agency that removes barriers, creating equity for all by empowering individuals and communities to thrive, age in place, and reach their highest potential.”

Aligned with their vision is OCES’ Mission statement: Through the talent of an experienced and diverse workforce, OCES supports the independence and dignity of older adults and individuals with disabilities by providing essential information and services that promote healthy, safe living which positively impacts our community.

OCES’ has also established Core Values reflecting their commitment to CARE:

- Commitment to staff, consumers, and the community

- Accountability, collaboration, and adaptability

- Respect, decency, and concern for others

- Equity, justice, and inclusion for all

In consideration of the agency’s vision, mission and core values, the nonprofit has refreshed their logo and launched a new generation of their website,, to appeal to and better serve all of their audiences. Intuitive navigation and sophisticated design ensure a user-friendly experience. The new site features includes videos, news/events, educational articles, awards/recognition, and a “Get Involved” page for volunteers, job seekers and service providers. OCES’ comprehensive services and programs are well-defined on the site and include Adult Family Care, Behavioral Health, Caregiver Support, Community Housing Options, Elder Abuse/Protective Services, Health Insurance and Budget Guidance, Life Planning at Any Age, Nutrition, and Services at Home. For individuals or families seeking services we offer an online form called “Getting Started” to help start the process. The site was developed by Bright Cloud Studio based in Westfield, MA.

Creating Better Futures

OCES is dedicated to creating better futures for those they serve and communities at large. OCES has grown to 243 full-time and 26 part-time employees, with 23 members on their Board of Directors. Their leadership team includes Nicole Long, Chief Executive Officer; Anna Dee, Chief Operating Officer; Alisa DeLage, Chief Programs Officer; Rob Buckel-Gillis, Human Resources Director and Yolanda America, Finance Director.



Founded in 1974, OCES continues to grow and evolve. There have been many milestones over the years including: the creation of the Greater Brockton Area Hoarding Task Force; the establishment of the first Supportive Housing Program in Brockton; and the formalization of an Internship Program with Bridgewater State University – all of which continue today. In 2013, the first annual Elder Abuse Awareness event was held in Brockton. In the years that followed, Healthy Living Workshops, Buried in Treasures Workshops, Caregiver Support and other programs have been established. OCES opened a second office at 204 South Meadow Road in Plymouth featuring a dedicated Volunteer Center for volunteer recruitment for OCES as well as for other nonprofits, schools, and agencies in Southeastern MA.

“In 2023, OCES served more than 25,287 older adults and individuals with disabilities throughout Plymouth County, providing them with essential services that increase independence and improve quality of life,” said Alisa DeLage, Chief Programs Officer.

Earlier this year, OCES expanded their Behavioral Health services with a new Elder Mental Health Outreach Team (EMHOT). EMHOT provides behavioral health and wellness supports to older adults and people with disabilities who may be isolated or encounter barriers that limit access to behavioral health care. To further increase the reach of the program, OCES has launched a 50th Anniversary fundraising campaign with a goal to raise $50K in support of expansion of the Behavioral Health and Wellness Programs.

According to Nicole Long, CEO, “OCES is at the forefront - providing essential services, creating awareness of critical issues, and serving as an important resource for older adults, people with disabilities, families, caregivers, and the larger community. We are dedicated to, and passionate about helping others and improving lives.”

Join in celebrating the 50th anniversary by helping to make a difference with a donation to the campaign in support of OCES’ Behavioral Health and Wellness programs.

To make a donation online, visit and click on the Donate button.  Donations may also be made by check or money order and mailed to OCES, 144 Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301.

 OCES is recognized as a tax-exempt charitable corporation under section 501c3 of the IRS tax code.


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New Logo and Website for OCES in Celebration of their 50th Year

(OCES), the largest provider of in-home and community-based services for older adults and people living with disabilities in Plymouth County and surrounding areas in Massachusetts, is Celebrating 50 Years of Care and Collaboration in 2024.


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