Community Housing Options

There are a variety of housing options to explore in Massachusetts. OCES is here to help guide you through the options that make the most sense if you are looking to live in the Plymouth County Area.

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First Steps

Once you have determined where you prefer to live, you have to fill out applicable housing applications. In some instances, your first step is to fill out an online application for state funded housing options. Click here to fill out the CHAMP application.

In other instances, you need to contact the Local Housing Authority of the city/town that you are trying to live in as they may have additional applications to fill out for locations that are funded federally or they may have resources on privately funded sites.

Always remember that OCES Staff are available to navigate these options with you!

Congregate Housing

In addition to providing you with guidance regarding housing options in MA, OCES partners with Bridgewater, Stoughton, and Marshfield Housing Authorities to offer Congregate Housing.

Congregate Housing includes a private bedroom and access to a shared living environment with a shared living room, kitchen, and shower area.  Some Congregate sites have a private half bath but not all. Our housing specialists can coordinate in-home services to support your needs and ability to live independently in these housing sites.


Supportive Housing Services

OCES partners with other local housing authorities and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs to provide Supportive Housing Services. Supportive Housing includes a private apartment. The goal of Supportive Housing is to integrate community resources, information, and services for the individuals that reside at a particular local housing authority site. This program is only available to individuals already residing in these housing locations.

OCES has information on other residential resources that we can discuss with you as well. Navigating housing options can be overwhelming and there are many alternative housing resources that are available and not mentioned above. If you have questions or need additional information, please reach out to OCES by phone at (508) 584-1561 or by contacting us through email.