Health Insurance & Budget Guidance

Let OCES help you navigate the complexity of Medicare, MassHealth, and available Money Management services! Reaching out to our Information and Referral Department (I & R) will provide you with unbiased, professional information about your options.

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OCES staff will assist you with maneuvering through health insurance options to find the benefits that best meet your individual needs. We will connect you with certified counselors through the SHINE Program (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) to obtain information and options that are tailored to your personal situation to support your health, well-being, and independence.

Money Management Program

As life changes, many need help managing their money. OCES can empower you by providing confidential assistance through our well-trained Money Management Volunteers who can formulate a budget, help ensure that your bills are paid on time, and organize your financial paperwork.

The Money Management Program at OCES can help provide you with peace of mind!

"As a Money Management Volunteer for 20 years, I have worked with Consumers that have faced not having enough money for food, on the verge of having electricity and gas shut off, and family members taking advantage of them. I have helped Consumers manage their finances, so they don’t have to worry about the mortgage or losing their homes. Being a part of this MMP I feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life. It’s very rewarding and there are many people out there in need of assistance." - Resident of Hingham, MA